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responsible tourism - it's in your nature

The vision for Ocean Ridge has always been ‘it’s in your nature’. The major design criteria of this master planned eco’ development is the provision of open space, the expansion and protection of native planting areas, and careful attention to integrating the development into the natural environment. With 50 hectares of new protected plantings in the dryland, riparian and wetland areas plus the extensive amenity plantings in the reserves, road ways, lakes and gardens, over 170,000 native plants have been established in Ocean Ridge, so far…

We have embraced this vision and taken ownership of it so now… ‘it’s in our nature’

We at The Fairways welcome the opportunity to share this with you. We have initiated the Ocean Ridge Track Guide and Map enclosed in this compendium for your benefit so you can visit the native planting restoration areas and participate in the success of the restoration by clearing grass around the native plants or even take a bag of fertiliser available at Reception and feed the plants. You can then return in years to come to witness the growth of the trees which are so vital in reducing our carbon footprint.

As part of ‘our vision’ we have adopted the following principals to demonstrate to you, our guests, that we are passionate about this environment we are immersed in:

1. Energy

The Fairways is reducing demand on energy through the

  • We have provided energy efficient heated towel rails to not only dry your towels, but warm the bathrooms.
  • We have also provided the highest ‘Platinum’ range of linen and towels which have far greater comfort and drying capacity. When combined with the heated towel rails this reduces discharges of detergents and waste water.
  • All the appliances installed at The Fairways are the best energy efficient models available.
  • Low-energy eco bulbs are installed in all our external lighting fixtures.
  • 50% of the internal lighting is fitted with dimmers to allow guests to create mood and save power.
  • Provision of drying racks for use instead of the electric dryer.
  • We have recently retro-fitted the most up to date Daiken inverters to heat and cool your apartment during your stay. These cost 16c an hour to operate, compared to the gas fires which cost up to $3.50 an hour on full power.

2. Waste

The Fairways is reducing waste by:
  • Providing you with the opportunity to recycle your rubbish at our on-site recycling centre. This dramatically reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. Kaikoura’s goal is for zero waste and we can support this by sorting our own waste as much as possible.
  • Removing single-served packaged portions from our breakfast menu by providing café prepared breakfasts served on crockery.
  • Not printing unnecessary emails and printing only double-sided.
  • Offering you facilities to get news online or by TV sooner than daily newspapers, unless by request.
  • Installing in-sink disposal units for organic waste. This gets used in the treatment plant to feed micro-organisms which break down the waste.
  • Buying from suppliers who use environmentally-friendly packaging options in bio-degrable containers where possible.

3. Water

The Fairways is conserving water by:
  • Installing devices in taps and shower heads to reduce water volume without compromising pressure.
  • Using only water efficient washing machines.
  • Installing dual flush toilets.
  • Reducing garden watering by planting locally grown native plants and drought tolerant grass.
  • Our water is considered by the locals as the best in town. It is treated with UV and is non-chlorinated - enjoy a glass and taste the difference!

4. Conservation

The Fairways participates in the support of the Ocean Ridge
Native Planting Restoration project by:

  • Providing slow release fertilizer and plant care information with the Ocean Ridge Track Guide and Map to encourage guests to participate in the success of this restoration project.
  • Contributing considerable time towards managing, maintaining, propagation, and planting of the native restoration area.
  • Active involvement in pest control to assist the bird population.
  • Establishing a communal vegetable garden at Ocean Ridge where local residents can plant, grow and harvest their own produce.


The Fairways is reducing pollution of waterways, noise, air and light by:
  • Discharging all stormwater from roof and hardstand areas into grass swales and infiltration basins.
  • Noise insulating our apartments.
  • Regularly tuning our vehicles to help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Reducing the number of trips into town by multi-tasking
  • Installing exterior lighting with hoods and timers so as to minimize light spill.
  • Establishing over 2500 native trees, shrubs and grasses to offset our [and your] carbon footprint.
  • Providing power to run the aeration pump [whale spout] in the lake to optimize water quality and to enhance the biota of the lake.
  • Using bikes where practicable; just a 15 minute ride into town.
  • Buying from suppliers who support the Environmental Choice Trade Mark

6. Community

The Fairways understands that we’re part of our local community and participate in it by:
  • Establishing a local business association to facilitate networking and working together. Stephan is the Chairman of this business association called EnVision Kaikoura. This also involves sending out monthly newsletters to members to encourage them in EnVision initiatives, such as Ambassador Kaikoura, Hands on Kaikoura and supporting communication between local businesses.
  • Chairman on the Board of Trustees of the local Kaikoura Primary School and Parent Representative on the Kaikoura High School Board of Trustees.
  • Training local staff to commit to our environmental practices.
  • Sponsoring local events
  • Sarah Teaches at the Kaikoura High School
  • Serving on the Kaikoura Community Facilities Charitable Trust to facilitate the design and construction of a community sports and aquatic complex.
  • Using local catering companies for breakfasts and in-house dining rather than buying in pre-packaged food.
  • Stephan is involved in the community through coaching rugby and swimming as this is a central part of the Kaikoura culture involving our children.

We are serious about looking after our part of Kaikoura and wish to thank you for playing your part so that you leave this place with a sense that. it's in our nature.. as well.

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