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exterior of apartment

Photo Gallery

We have included some photos of the surroundings around the Fairways to give you some pictures of how stunning Ocean Ridge is at various times of the year. Please send us your photos if you would like us to post them on this page.

the lake

Kekeno Park lake - a great swimming option on those warm summers day! - Fairways in the back ground with Mt Fyffe beyond - Photo Brent Fearnley


the Fairways by evening

The Fairways - Early Evening. Photo Brent Fearnley

the lake

Kekeno Park - Moon rise - Photo Brent Fearnley


the Fairways at Dusk

Ocean Ridge at Dusk - Photo Brent Fearnley

Sunset on the beach

The Driftwood Village located on the beach across the road from the Fairways. Photo Stephan Rattray


The boys on Quad bike on the beach

Fishing off the beach in front of the Fairways. Our Beach gets pretty busy! Photo Stephan Rattray

The Fairways Golf Cart

The Fairways Golf Cart - available for hire, Photo Stephan Rattray


The Fairways at night. Photo Brent Fearnley

The Fairways by night with Kekeno park fountain on display. Photo Brent Fearnley

exterior photo apartment



close up exterior apartment




people in kitchen


apartment kitchen



exterior apartment


studio bathroom


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